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Difference between SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, and DaaS

 What is SaaS?

SaaS is an acronym for a type of cloud computing referred to as software as a service. It is a type of service that is offered over the web and intended for the end user. Designed for programs that require Internet access. Some examples of current SaaS software include MailChimp and Shopify.

SaaS typically includes:

Subscription-based or pay-as-you-go service

Easy access to the Internet

Easy management from a central location

Centralized hosting with automatic software upgrade

Online data storage

Program plus platform

What is PaaS?

PaaS is an acronym for a type of cloud computing referred to as a platform. It is a type of service similar to SaaS, except that instead of providing a service over the web, it provides users with a platform to create software. Users can take advantage of existing tools to develop and manage applications. Some of the current PaaS examples include Apprenda Cloud Platform and Dokku.

PaaS offers the following:

Single user platforms for software design, testing, and creation

A centralized connection platform that allows multiple team members to use one account

Data Load Balancing Calculations

Access to the development tools, such as programming and coding languages

Platform plus infrastructure

Options for using traditional programming languages, such as Ruby and Python

What is IaaS?

IaaS is an acronym for a type of cloud computing referred to as Infrastructure as a Service. It is a type of service that provides users with an on-demand infrastructure system. It gives users access to data storage and the ability to access the servers. An example of an existing IaaS is the DigitalOcean.

IaaS offers the following:

Services as resources

Flexible modeling that allows business scaling

Different pricing models, based on frequency of use

All the tools needed to build and run the systems

Infrastructure in the form of servers

What is DaaS?

DaaS is an acronym for a type of cloud computing referred to as desktop as a service. It is a type of service that offers users a virtual desktop and allows users a service on the mobile phone. While the user controls the front end, the provider retains control over the back end. There are different types of the DaaS including private cloud, virtual private cloud, and public cloud. Some examples of DaaS providers include Urban Mapping and Xignite.

DaaS offers the following:

Ease of data transfer and transfer between different platforms

Easy to use platform

User personalization

Customization for business needs

Virtual desktop

SaaS vs. PaaS vs. IaaS vs. DaaS

Since each cloud computing option offers unique features, it is important to choose the right one for your business needs. 

Here are some of the biggest differences:

Ease of use

The different cloud computing options are more user-friendly than others, and the level of ease you prefer may determine which system you choose. 

Here's what you can expect from each type based on ease of use:

SaaS: SaaS is the best option if you need something fast and simple with software that doesn't require any customizations or updates. SaaS also does not require any server maintenance.

PaaS: If you need a computing system that allows multiple team members to work on a single project, PaaS might be the best option. However, they are less portable, which means that team members in different locations are not always able to work together.

IaaS: Although IaaS has built-in tools, it often requires some knowledge of infrastructure.

DaaS: DaaS may or may not be easy to use, depending on the interface and how it's set up. DaaS can seem limited in the terms of tools, but it also requires less maintenance. It is one of the easiest and fastest programs to deploy, making it a good choice for businesses with rapidly changing needs.

Data security

Anytime you upload and share data to a cloud server, it is important to consider data security. 

Here's what each has to offer in terms of data security:

SaaS: SaaS may not be the best option if security is important, because it is not the most secure option. However, SaaS developers are aware of this and are working to identify the solutions to improve security.

PaaS: Security can also be an issue with PaaS, which doesn't allow you to use your own programming or markup languages.

IaaS: Some industries may not be able to use IaaS due to the shared infrastructure model. However, some companies may be able to use the IaaS model if you use it on a private cloud.

DaaS: DaaS can be more reliable than other options in terms of data security, as it stores applications in the cloud.

Customization capabilities

Depending on your business needs, customization may be the priority. 

Here's what you can expect with all of the customization:

SaaS: SaaS does not allow for customizations, so if you need more control or customization options, one of the other cloud computing options might be a better fit.

PaaS: Not all PaaS platforms offer customization, but those that do usually allow you to use both existing tools and plug-ins. This can reduce costs, and developers can also start working right away. However, PaaS does not allow you to use other markup languages.

IaaS: IaaS differs from the PaaS in that the user can control the back end. IaaS can also customize the platform according to their own needs. While IaaS provides more freedom for the developer, it also means that the user deals with things like setup and maintenance. IaaS requires minimal computers but can still have devices and access points in multiple locations.

DaaS: Most DaaS programs have similar structures, and customization is not always available at the entry level. However, larger companies and advanced users may have access to more customization options.

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