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SD-WAN: the innovative technology to ensure better resource utilization


SD-WAN is a fully managed and secure network service that provides high quality services to connect various network resources, with support for zero-touch deployment, it is designed to manage links of various types using software to determine quality parameters and choose the most efficient way of connecting the different locations.

It is, today, the best solution for corporations that generate a large volume of data, such as the financial sector, in which the exchange of information and sensitive data is constant.

In this article, we will understand how this technology works and what are the advantages of implementing it in your company.

What is SD-WAN?

SD-WAN is one of the biggest innovations in network connectivity in recent years. And with a very high growth rate. And it's no wonder that companies are generating more and more data and using cloud-based software, which increases traffic and demands a high-performance, stable and secure connection.

SD-WAN is a software-defined (software-defined or SD) link control for managing a wide-area network (WAN). This innovation consists of a software layer that controls the use of the network in an automated and intelligent way. Thus, it distributes traffic along different routing paths, respecting safety, quality and cost criteria.

If before it was necessary to acquire more than one dedicated link, in order to avoid communication failures and connection drops, with SD-WAN it is possible to use redundant links, automatically managed by the software. Intelligent, the solution recognizes the type of data flow and adapts to it, demanding more or less resources according to what is currently requested. In this way, it enhances services that use a large flow of access, forming flexible networks that are configured according to the needs of each company.

Next, let's see what are the main advantages of SD-WAN.

Advantages of adopting SD-WAN in your company

Simplification and agility

SD-WAN provides a centralized, software-based architecture that makes it easy to deploy and manage the network across different endpoints.


SD-WAN technology makes it possible to create a hybrid WAN, which integrates diverse networks such as MPLS, broadband, wireless services, 3G or 4G, LTE, etc. The software automatically monitors the links and knows the needs of each application according to its schedule, and performs dynamic routing traffic. This targeting is performed intelligently, taking into account link quality metrics, such as response time, for example. This allows you to use the paths in the most convenient way for the moment.

Greater control

It has a centralized management and control panel, which facilitates the visibility and control of the network, allowing the personalized configuration of each environment, and provides complete information about the performance of the links.

Better application performance

SD-WAN automatically recognizes and prioritizes applications in traffic, according to the criticality already programmed to happen, directing them to the most appropriate accesses. For example: if a file transfer is being carried out, but the link used fails, it is automatically redirected to a suitable link, without any interruption in transmission. For this, safety criteria, traffic quality and costs are considered. In this way, the availability and performance of business-critical applications is guaranteed.

cost reduction

Because of dynamic routing, SD-WAN delivers high availability, quality connection and security at a lower cost than MLPS, for example. It is not necessary to hire reserve links to guarantee the connection since it is possible to program to use 1 or more links dividing the traffic by criteria, bandwidth, better response time among several other programmed methods.

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