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Information Technology: Skills Required for IT Professionals


What is information technology?

Information technology refers to the widely applied use of technology to solve business or organizational problems through the development, maintenance, and use of computer systems, software, and networks. Members of the IT department work with others within the organization to solve technology problems and enhance the overall user experience.

Parts of the IT department

Broadly speaking, there are three components of an IT department and each performs different functions within an organization. 

Here are the three parts of the IT department and their functions:


IT professionals are responsible for installing and setting up computer the networks in an organization. IT personnel maintain system security and troubleshoot systems if a problem arises. This department may write to the IT department and enforce policies and processes that ensure effective IT systems are operated according to the needs of the organization.


The IT department maintains company computers and provides user support to employees. Their responsibilities can include installing new software, troubleshooting and training employees in the appropriate use of the software.

Hardware and Infrastructure

This department in the IT department is responsible for the IT hardware. Personnel in this department will be responsible for setting up and maintaining the company's IT equipment, including routers, laptops, telephone systems, and servers.

Skills Required for IT Professionals

There are many technical skills, as well as a mixture of hard and soft skills that an IT professional needs to succeed in their career. 

The most important skills that an employer is looking for in the IT field are:

IT soft skills

Communication: Most IT jobs require strong communication skills, both verbal and written because email communication is likely to be a huge part of your position. As an IT professional, you will need to be able to communicate efficiently with supervisors and co-workers. You will work with them to solve technology issues and improve user experience with hardware or software.

Organization: Many IT jobs require you to work on multiple projects at the same time, so it's important to be organized to stick to the schedule. Learning how to prioritize your tasks is also the necessary skill in this field.

Analytical skills: Analytical skills allow you to notice, diagnose, and fix technical problems. These capabilities also allow you to identify problems before they arise. When applying analytical skills, you must be able to identify trends over a period of time and key performance indicators.

Creativity: A key requirement in today's IT jobs is the ability to work with technology in an innovative and creative way. Being creative in the way you approach problems and find solutions is a skill that is highly sought after by any business owner.

Project Management: There are many projects and responsibilities that have deadlines in the IT field. Having good project management skills can help you complete projects efficiently and meet the tight deadlines. IT admins are often called upon to manage their project deadlines, as well as surprising the progress of the employees they report to.

Technical skills

Database Administration: IT professionals must know how to navigate database software and how to use forms and templates that are built into the database.

Network management: An IT employee will need to know how to effectively manage a company's computer network.

IT Management: Efficiently managing the various IT resources in an organization should be a priority for the IT professional.

Software Development: This skill is essential for those working in IT operations because the organization may require new software to be developed by IT professionals who deal with programming.

Information Security: One of the biggest parts of business information technology is keeping information safe and confidential. An IT professional needs a working knowledge of this technical skill to be successful in IT.

Coding: Those with IT jobs in operations need to know programming languages ​​in order to be able to code websites, develop software, and manage databases and other technological systems.

Device management: IT personnel who work with devices and infrastructure will need to know how to set up and maintain devices to get the best possible user experience.

Operating Systems: Every organization will likely use a few operating systems for their hardware and an IT professional should know not only how these systems work, but also how to troubleshoot them.

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