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Cloud Computing: what it is, advantages and why to use it 

 You may already know that the office of the future will be virtual - and the trend is becoming a reality at an ever-increasing pace. One of the main pillars in this transformation is Cloud Computing, which allows connecting professionals, companies and consumers around the world, instantly.

Cloud Computing brought innovation in the way information is stored and shared, but this was just its first step. Check out the potential of this technology, how it will help your company, and what you need to do to achieve these benefits!

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is a set of technologies that enable the storage and sharing of digital content - such as documents and videos - in secure environments, which can be accessed anywhere or on a computer.

Companies that offer Cloud Computing services, or Cloud Computing, provide storage space and a password to make it accessible.

Your email accounts are examples of this model; you can access them on multiple computers and cell phones, always finding the same information. This, however, is just a tiny fraction of the power that Cloud Computing offers.

Thanks to digital transformation and the advances in technology brought by it, companies around the world now have tools such as massive databases, complex programs and shared offices.

These are possibilities as innovative as they are challenging, as large amounts of information need to be available at all times for this structure to work.

A Big Data initiative, for example, allows you to know in detail the preferences and behaviors of your consumers and potential customers. To succeed, however, it would have to store all the data the company already has, in addition to what it can get from social networks, forums and other sites.

We're talking about a few thousand data for every single profile. Keeping all this on the company's computers would bring high costs and the most diverse logistical problems, but thanks to Cloud Computing you can solve everything with a few clicks.

Advantages of Cloud Computing

A company that adopts Cloud Computing is able to simplify and streamline all processes involving shared information.

This means, first of all, that your teams will see a noticeable productivity gain . Engineers developing a product, for example, can share advances in real time with the marketing team, who will make adjustments to the launch campaign.

The gain is even more evident when the company uses multiple offices, home office workers, freelancers and other models of remote work. In this case, everyone will have a “common ground” where they can act, regardless of where they are.

More security for information

If you've been using computers for a while, you've certainly lost long hours of work by not saving an important file. On a larger scale, a company can see its entire operation go under if its computers have a problem, or an employee makes bad decisions.

Cloud Computing services avoid situations like these, as they work with security measures that make information independent of a specific computer.

In addition, the control tools adopted on these platforms are more efficient than virtual security in most companies, preventing someone from breaking into computers and accessing data without authorization.


Resource saving

Storing information on your own requires a huge investment in computers, systems and IT professionals to keep everything running. The expense is even greater if you want to prevent the problems listed in the last topic!

It also becomes unnecessary to transport documents to branches, partners, suppliers and other physical spaces with which you work together. Just create a shared space, where everyone can access what they are allowed, and upload the files to that area.

Fast and simple implementation

You can hire a cloud storage service right now, and start using it within minutes. There's no need to make adjustments to the company's structure or have a great knowledge of technologies - just create an account, follow the configuration step by step, and your virtual environment will be ready to receive new files.

Opening up to a BI strategy

Business Intelligence ( BI) is a high-return practice based on large-scale data storage, organization, and analysis. This may include internal reports, employee profiles, competitor information, market research, partner information, etc.

From what we have seen so far, it is not difficult to point out how Cloud Computing offers a pillar for the implementation and success with a BI strategy, launching the organization on a path of rational and objective decisions.

How does Cloud Computing work?

Despite all the changes it can cause, the operation of Cloud Computing is simple for the end user.

You can start by creating virtual access spaces that simulate your organization's environments, for example. This allows employees from each sector or team to have quick access to the information they are entitled to, without interfering with other areas.

From there, it is enough for everyone involved to create or share documents, videos, reports and even entire programs in the corresponding space, whenever necessary.

Behind the scenes, the Cloud Computing service will store all the spaces and information you share on internal computers. The responsible company also makes copies of these files, to avoid them being lost, and employs an IT team to keep everything running 100% of the time.

Most startups , depending on the benefits listed above to survive, are born using Cloud Computing. In many cases, its professionals spend more time working in the cloud than in “real” environments.

Between 2020 and 2021, the expansion of Cloud Computing to other management models was notable , as companies from the most diverse sectors tested the home office. The trend is for this growth to continue, as an increasing number of organizations realize the positive results of this method.

Even larger companies can benefit even more from digital storage, as their operations involve many departments, but they do not always work together. Innovative management allows Cloud Computing to facilitate the adoption of means of organization such as squads, where professionals from various sectors form teams to drive internal products.

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